Chibolya Memorial School

In 2012, together with local NGO, Chibolya Education and Health Organisation (CEHO), and Build IT International, we established Chibolya Memorial Community School.

We continue to fund the running costs and development of this thriving, primary school which currently has five classrooms and supported 280 pupils from pre-school to Grade 5 in 2016.


Chibolya is an extremely poor, rural community of 10,000 people in Southern Province. 90% of local adults are illiterate and the village has many social and health problems.

The closest state primary is heavily oversubscribed so, in 2005, CEHO volunteers started teaching village children in a disused beer hall.

Dark, cramped and without running water this was far from ideal so in 2012 we raised funds to build two light, airy classrooms a nursery block and latrines.

We are grateful to the many donors who have funded:

CEHO have sensitised the villagers on the benefits of education for girls, who traditionally  work in the house until they are married off at puberty. Consequently over half the pupils are female and the community are very involved with running the school.

Disabled pupils

The school has an on site boarding house so 13 disabled pupils from outlying areas can attend classes on a daily basis. They have a trained support worker, two house mothers, adaptive equipment and are fully integrated into lessons and playtimes.

Future Plans

Eventually the school will provide full-primary to Grade 7, and then lower secondary to Grades 8-9. Further down the line CEHO are keen to provide Upper Secondary through to Grade 12 (GCE).

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Mary - Grade 1

Chibolya welcoming committee

Classroom 1


Feeding programme at Chibolya