Hope and Faith School

Hope and Faith is a remarkable community school of almost 700 pupils (Reception to Grade 12) based in N’gombe, a slum area of Lusaka. 40% of the pupils are orphans or vulnerable, all come from very poor households.

It receives no government funding, however, the happy, motivated pupils regularly come top of the District exam results table, ahead of both state and private schools! Their grade 12 students achieved a 92% pass rate in 2016, which is an incredible achievement when compared with the national pass rate of 60%. 


  • Fund pupils’ meals so they are not distracted by hunger
  • Funds uniforms, stationery and costs of some orphan pupils
  • Funds around 30 exceptional orphan leavers to go on to state secondary

Inspiring Founder  – Rosemary Mumbi

There is no state school in N’gombe. In 2004, Rosemary Mumbi, a retired government school inspector, took two homeless orphans into her home and started teaching them with books donated by neighbours.

She is an extraordinary woman, one of only 100 graduates in Zambia in 1964 at the time of independence from the UK, and a headmistress at the age of 23. Her considerable vision and passion have enabled her to grow the community school to 16 classrooms and recruit and retain 20 highly committed teachers, who receive only 1/3 of the state school salary, but are trained to the same standard.

Two UK church groups have made a long-term commitment to provide teacher salaries and to support bright, former Hope & Faith students through College and University.

Please can you make a donation? Just £20 could provide a child with nutritious school dinners for a full academic year.