Lubushi Parish Rural Resettlement Scheme (Lubushi Orphans)

Lubushi village has a community primary school. Until recently there was no secondary school within 80km. Boarding schools are prohibitively expensive for families caring for orphans, so since 2008 we have sponsored bright Lubushi orphans to go to secondary boarding schools and on to College.

This year Lubushi orphans and vulnerable children are able to attend a new secondary school, Lubushi Day Secondary. To minimise disruption to their studies, we will continue to fund those students who are already attending boarding school, but new students will be able to attend the local secondary school at a much reduced cost. 

Lubushi is in Northern province far away from capital Lusaka and the industrial Copperbelt. Despite a new tarmac road it remains very isolated, especially in rainy season. 90% of the 10,000 inhabitants are peasant farmers, living below the international poverty line.


In 2016 we supported five of the young Lubushi orphans through secondary school and another 14 into tertiary education. In 2017, we are hoping to support eight children in upper secondary and 18 older orphans through tertiary education. 

We have supported Robby Chaongopa (right above) ever since 2008.   Robby graduated in 2015 with a BSc in Maths Education from Copperbelt University. Zambia has a desperate shortage of  maths and science teachers and we are delighted we could play a part in his success.

Susan Kasuba (below right) has been sponsored by ZOA-UK since 2011. She is currently in her final year of teacher training at Northern College in Kasama. She is the oldest of eight children and is looking forward to working so she can better support them. She told us that she wants to be a teacher to ‘be like Robby’ and to ‘put Lubushi on a high’.


Robby Chaongopa

Susan Kasuba