Nevers Care and Support Group

Chitamba village, Northern Province

Nevers is a fostering and education project for abandoned orphans, and other impoverished single and double orphans. This work was started by Pastor Susan Nawila 30 years ago when she took in twin baby boys she found dumped in a bag in the bush.

People then started bringing other abandoned children to her; a baby dropped into the village latrine, a brother and sister sleeping rough in the market and many more. At one stage, she was caring for 150 children who slept with her in the  local church.

In 2000 Susan formed Nevers Club and encouraged local families to each foster 2 or 3 of these 150 orphans. These guardians have very little themselves – it is a case of the poor helping the destitute. Susan currently fosters 10 girls and 5 boys. The group also support some extremely vulnerable single orphans (father deceased, mothers not earning) and double orphans (living with poor grandparents).

Susan’s twin boys are grown up now with their own families. One is a teacher, one a farmer; they contribute what they can to help Never’s work.

ZOA has supported Nevers since 2009. In 2016 we sponsored the education costs of all 122 Nevers orphans, as well as the cost of one bright student to attend college. In 2017 we want to sponsor 123 orphans and two students to attend college. 

Nevers volunteers farm and sell maize and beans to supplement our support and supply the children with food, soap and clothes.

Please can you help us continue to support these very needy children?

Ken Kanyungulu
Ken Kanyungulu is the oldest of three children. He lost his father aged 4 and his mother passed away two years later. The siblings were taken in by an aunt who tragically also passed away and then they were taken in by the Nevers Club. Ken has done really well at school and is now studying to be a primary teacher at Malcolm Moffat College.

Esnart Chungu
Esnart Chungu (20) passed her Grade 12 (GCSE equivalent) with flying colours last year and is currently applying for Officer Training in the Zambian Defense Force and also to various nursing colleges.

50% of the girls in the village are married or pregnant by 15, orphans in particular. Very few girl orphans start, let alone finish secondary school in Zambia – which makes Esnart’s achievements quite remarkable.

Please can you donate?


Pastor Susan Nawila

Nevers supported children

Nevers foster mothers

Nevers children dancing